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Auto Repair Tools You Want at Home

You can expect a medium-sized SUV to cost 10 cents to the mile in repairs. A small sedan will set you back just over 8 cents a mile.


Think about what kind of car you drive. Now, do the math on costs for a month or a year. Pricey, right?


If you’re already pretty handy with auto repair tools, there’s a simple way to reduce or even eliminate that budget line item. Set yourself up with your very own at-home mechanic’s garage!READ MORE

Troubleshooting Common Garden Hose Problems: An Emergency Guide

The garden hose market is expected to be worth a whopping $1.5 billion by 2027. Why? Because many people simply throw away their hose when they encounter an issue.


How Do You Pick the Right Garden Pruner?

Maybe you have a garden full of shrubs and small trees. Perhaps you’re an avid grower of vegetables that need lots of pruning, like tomatoes.

If you don’t have garden pruners already, it’s time to start shopping for them! Why? Because these small but mighty outdoor tools are tailor-made for small plant-cutting jobs.READ MORE

Why You Need Garden Loppers in Your Gardening Tool Kit


While the time to prune trees differs across species, most horticulturalists agree you shouldn’t do it in late summer. The cuts won’t have enough time to harden before the harsh winter weather arrives.

But it’s not just timing that matters. Trees and shrubs benefit as much from the prune itself as the tools you use to do it. And of all the cutting tools available to a gardener, garden loppers reign supreme.

Loppers have long handles and strong blades explicitly designed to cut thick branches and stems. They also boast precise bypass blades. You can make clean cuts without damaging surrounding plant tissue.READ MORE

HVAC Tools: What One Tool Does Every Technician Need?

Are you confused by this title?


Many HVAC technicians would be. Why? Because they know there’s no single tool that trumps all others for their job.


In fact, a complete HVAC tools list contains dozens of must-have items, from crimpers and snips to manifold gauges and tube cutters. Not to mention a sturdy, durable tool bag or box to carry them from job to job.READ MORE

6 Times a Precision Screwdriver Is the Right Tool for the Job

Are you tired of struggling with the small screws on your sunglasses, electronics, or hobby models?


It’s an age-old issue that finally led to the patenting of the precision screwdriver in 1999. With its small, precise tip and various head options, a precision screwdriver lets you get into tight spaces, complete challenging repairs, and easily maintain even the most complicated componentry.READ MORE

Using Garden Shears to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Over the last few years, people in America have been making the most of their home's outdoor space. For example, 90% of Americans say they have spent more time in their gardens relaxing, working out, and socializing with friends.


However, if you are going to enjoy your garden, you need to take good care of it. This doesn't just mean planting your favorite flowers in spring. Caring for your garden correctly in winter lays the foundation for healthy plant growth when spring comes around.READ MORE

5 Tips for Picking the Best Watering Wand for Your Garden


Around 35% of Americans have a home vegetable garden, and even more have other types of gardens.


However, gardening requires tools, many of which are pretty specific. These tools range from specially designed gardening knives and edging equipment to tools that make watering easier.READ MORE

Different Types of Irrigation Water Valves and What They’re Used For


When most people move into a new home, one of the first things they do is look into taking care of the grounds. As a result, they are more likely to invest in an irrigation system.


Irrigation systems help homeowners create lush landscapes and gardens by supplying water throughout the growing season.READ MORE


How to Choose a Hose Connector That Matches Your Needs

If you’re a professional gardener or contractor, a suitable hose is imperative for delivering efficient irrigation for your clients.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in the demand for gardening supplies, and this trend isn't expected to slow down, with a predicted growth rate of 4.3% between now and 2027.READ MORE

Must-Have Insulated Tools for Electricians and Tech Professionals


The reason people run for shelter during a thunderstorm isn't because of the thunder. You hide because a lightning strike often proves fatal to anyone on the receiving end. Electricians are equally wary of getting shocked, which is why they rely on insulated tools.READ MORE

The Top Automotive Specialty Tools for 2022

If you're a professional mechanic, automotive tool seller, or just love working on cars, you need to have an assortment of tools in your arsenal to complete pertinent tasks. Odds are, you already have the big tools.


However, you're likely missing out on several automotive specialty tools. Sure, you could just utilize automotive specialty tool rental. However, generally speaking, it's wiser to buy.READ MORE

5 Common Mistakes When Using a Wire Stripper

Wire safety was not a primary concern in the late 1890s when utility companies installed electrical services in American homes. In fact, it wasn’t until the late 1920s that insulating wire became common practice.READ MORE

How to Properly Use an Air Impact Wrench

If your average power cost is about $0.10 per kilowatt hour, air tools can save your shop about 1,900 kWh per year. That translates into $109 per year in savings for each tool your shop uses.


An air impact wrench is one of the top workhorses in many shops. Keep reading to find out how to use an air impact wrench properly.READ MORE

How to Tell if Your Garden Watering Timer is

Wasting Water (And How to Fix It)

Water bills have increased by 30% in less than a decade. This includes paying for the water you waste. And one of the most common places people waste water is in the garden.READ MORE

Choosing the Perfect Gardening Oscillator and Sprinkler for Your Yard

A nice, green, lush lawn is still on most homeowners' wishlists. In fact, more than 79% of homeowners feel like their lawn is an essential feature of their home that needs to be taken care of properly.READ MORE

Blown Away: 8 Tips for Using Pneumatic Tools Safely

In 2019, the global pneumatic tool market was worth almost $40 billion. And it's no wonder.


Pneumatic tools offer more power, torque, and RPM than equivalent electrical tools. They're more reliable, with fewer moving parts than electrical tools. And they're more energy-efficient, costing less to run.READ MORE

How to Choose the Best Air Impact Wrench for You: A Guide

It's always the tool you don't have that you need, right? You could be finishing up a job and then realize the one tool you need is back at the shop, or worse, you have to go out and buy it.READ MORE

Techniques for Improving Your Gardening Skills

Are you looking for some easy ways to improve your gardening skills? Then check out this detailed breakdown on how to use garden long-handle tools.READ MORE

6 Reasons to Use Custom Garden Spray Nozzles for Your Garden

What do you know about using custom garden spray nozzles? Feel free to review this detailed overview on various options and how they work.READ MORE

Key Steps of Gardening Tool Care And Maintenance

After a good solid day of gardening, one thing many people neglect to do is clean and maintain their gardening tools before storing them away.READ MORE

5 Essential Metalworking Tools for Beginners

So you’re thinking of getting into metalworking, but not sure what equipment you need or should look into getting first? No doubt you’ll have noticed there’s a wide variety READ MORE

Believe it or not! A vintage hand tools might worth a buck!! 

Today we are about to introduce 3 worthy hand tools of wooden plane that might just blow your mind. Sit back and get ready for these valuable tools!

Nicholson Molding Plane

Francis Nicholson, a plane manufacturer who lived from 1683-1753......READ MORE

Dream Paradise To A Handyman

What’s and where is your dream paradise? Well, to a handyman, “Tool Museum” is definitely listed!

The biggest tool museum is located in Oroville, California - Bolt's Antique Tool Museum. A tool-lover's paradise! It collects all kinds of hand tools that you ever could need......READ MORE

Multi-functional Tools “The Swiss Army Knife”

Multi-functional Tools “The Swiss Army Knife”

When it comes to multi-functional tools, “the Swiss Army Knife” is definitely the one that should be brought up. But do you know ...... READ MORE

Hairpin Come into Use

As the saying goes, “A single grain of rice can tip the scale.” Those inconspicuous might happen to be the one that lead to success. For example, we often see a small clip or a pin is use in the movie to open a lock or a door. .......READ MORE

The Largest and The Smallest Hand Tools

Not long ago we’ve talked about the Guinness World Record of hand tools that related to “the most”.

It’s inevitable to talk about the weirdest Guinness World Record of hand tools that related to “the largest” and “the smallest”.......READ MORE

Guinness World Records of Hammering Nail

Last week we’ve talked about the interesting hammer nail game at the night market.

But did you know besides the gifts you get in the night market, you might even break a world record ...... READ MORE

Hammer Game

One of the most well-known characteristics of Taiwan is our night market.

Delicious traditional treats and beverages are not the only thing you can find in the night market...READ MORE

Pioneer Of The Wrench

There are different kinds of wrenches in nowadays society, such as pipe wrench, chain wrench, socket wrench, torque wrench, impact wrench, etc. READ MORE

Hammer slang

Hey Dude, you got hammered last night!
Hammer, not only as a hand tool to deliver an impact to a small area of an object. But also could be described the status to get drunk. READ MORE

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Tools Hack in Daily Life

Hand Tools are not just the equipment for those professions, but also inevitable tools to most families. In short, everyone get chances to use tools in our daily life. So today we are going to talk about some tricks and tips about tools that might come in handy in our daily life. READ MORE


Believe it or not, one of our best sellers in 2021 is our tool box.
Let me give you a brief introduction! Our tool box comes with two handles, one side handle and one top handle. READ MORE

NEW Product Announcement!!

As the saying goes, “One must have good tools in order to do a good job”.
However, professional and precise nut drivers are always clumsy and ponderous to carry away. READ MORE

Flow-mark Pot Planter

According to the journal, HortTechnology, having plants in the office or on the table can effectively reduce stress or nerve. Statistic even shows that more and more workers would like to nourish plants in their working environment. READ MORE

Welcome to 2022!!!

As the coming of 2022, all the people around the world are celebrating this special moment at their time zone. People will parade, set fireworks, drink beers …etc. READ MORE

Overview of the US Hand Tools Market

U.S. is the biggest consumption country and it has always been Taiwan’s mainly export market for hand tools. So we are focus on the hand tools market trend in U.S. and adjust our strategy always.

resource and READ MORE

Bizarre Hand Tools’ Names

“Hey, would you hand me those dikes?”

“What!? How am I gonna give you the huge rocks!?”

(In geology, a dike is a barrier used to regulate or hold back water from a river, lake, or even the ocean.)

You might get confused when you heard the above conversation. But actually, the “dikes” that they refer to are a kind of hand tools called “Diagonal Pliers”. READ MORE

The Common Material of Hand Tools

In the previous article, we talked about the tools are mainly made from steel, the hardness and flexibility will affect the operation, so the key point is the carbon content...READ MORE

The Evolution of Hand Tools 

Tools, general to say, it is something for mankind to fulfill their jobs.
The first hand tool was pop up in the Stone Age when stone was used for hammering and cutting...READ MORE

A left-handed monkey wrench

Every new guy in the army is asked to go get something that doesn’t exist. For example, a left handed monkey wrench. It is a way to prank the new person.
The term “monkey” was frequently applied in the late 19th and  READ MORE

Types of Screwdriver

Screwdrivers come with different types of bits for all kinds of uses.We can easily get confused and messed up with all these names and functions.To avoid this kind of embarrassment, let’s have a quick look at 5 basic types of screwdrivers. READ MORE

PITA Tools Innovation Award- Winning Hand Tools

Always keen to industry trend. Focus on tool innovation.
HTI never stops absorbing the innovation knowledge of hand tools.
Tools were born to fulfill the job, but improve for..READ MORE

Precious Ancient Times Photo

This is a precious old photo taking in 35 years ago.
Before HTI was found, our founder Mr. Jimmy Chang worked as Sales Manager for  CHIRO TOOLS MFG. Corp., which was afterwards merged with STANLEY... READ MORE

November has always been taken as off season, however, things changed when this new shopping holiday was first brought out by Alibaba’s CEO since 2009...READ MORE

Feng Shui (風水 Fēng Shuǐ)

In Chinese culture and business, feng shui (風水 Fēng Shuǐ) plays a very important part. Feng shui can help us gain benefits by manipulating surroundings to best auspicious positions so that Qi energy (氣) flows best. READ MORE

NEWs Sharing!

2021 has been a tough year to the hand tools market, lack of raw materials, insufficient containers, and fluctuation of pricing have caused lots of obstacles to all the suppliers. READ MORE

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