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6 Reasons to Use Custom Garden Spray Nozzles for Your Garden


6 Reasons to Use Custom Garden Spray Nozzles for Your Garden



Did you know that landscape irrigation accounts for nearly one-third of all residential water use in America? Nationwide that adds up to over 9 billion gallons of water per day.


Using the correct gardening equipment and lawn care products can save time, money, and water—which is great for you, your customer, and the planet.


From watering flowers and trees to washing cars and decks, the best garden hose spray nozzle will make everyday watering tasks more efficient and convenient. Different nozzles provide a variety of spray patterns, are created for a range of different purposes, and have a wide assortment of comfort grips.


Depending on the project needs, there are a number of different types of garden spray nozzles to consider. Here are 6 reasons to use a custom nozzle for garden and household needs.


1. Garden Spray Nozzles Save Water


Purchasing customized garden hose spray nozzles will immediately reduce water usage. Fitting a nozzle properly on the garden hose and choosing the correct nozzle for the job will avoid water leaks and conserve as much water as possible.


This is especially convenient when using a long hose or performing multiple tasks. There is no need to go back and forth to the spigot to turn off the water.


The most traditional garden hose nozzle includes a pistol grip. Pressure on the trigger controls how much water is released, the strength of water flow, and prevents water waste.


Product Spotlight: Zinc Adjustable Pistol Nozzle


Created with durable zinc construction, the pistol grip nozzle has a convenient lock-on feature that allows for consistent water spray. It also provides a variety of different pressures from jet to mist.


2. Custom Water Flows


When watering a variety of flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs, an experienced gardener will want to control the flow of water in addition to the type of spray they are using. This will ensure water actually gets to the base of the plant and doesn’t damage what’s growing.


A dial nozzle will usually provide six or more different spray patterns including:


Shower: This pattern is best for watering most garden beds and plants

Full: This is a more powerful version of the shower spray and can be used to water hardier trees and shrubs at a greater distance

Flat: This spray covers a large but narrow area and is mostly used for hedges

Mist: This setting is ideal for plants that need humidity, like orchids

Jet: This powerful pattern is not intended for plants, but can assist with most cleaning tasks


The dial nozzle is a popular choice for its versatility. While it’s not the best choice for specific uses like pressure washing or watering hanging baskets, customized spray patterns are an effective tool for all types of watering tasks.


Product Spotlight: Metal 8 Pat Turret Front Trigger Nozzle


This long-lasting alloy metal nozzle features eight different watering options and is a great pick for general garden use. The dial nozzle includes jet, center, cone, shower, angle, flat, full, and mist patterns.


3. Specific Sprayers Designed For Gardens


While setting a sprinkler can be convenient and installing a sprinkler system can be costly, a long hose with a customized nozzle is usually the most practical option. The right hose and nozzle can effectively and efficiently water a full garden.


A watering wand is a tool specifically designed to water hard-to-reach areas like hanging flower baskets. The long nozzle can help extend and control the flow of water.


Nozzles designed for watering are ideal for blooming flowers and sensitive and potted plants.


Product Spotlight: Metal 8 Pat Turret Thumb Control Wand


In addition to having eight watering patterns, this wand can extend from 19-24" for hard-to-reach watering areas. The thumb control handle offers comfort and has an ergonomic design.


4. Garden Spray Nozzles For Comfort Handles


Watering the garden doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable and dreaded task for adults with carpal tunnel and arthritis. There are now ergonomic handles designed for high comfort and functionality.


With new technology and updated designs, water flow doesn't have to be controlled by manual pressure on the handle. This allows for single-hand control options and “no-squeeze” power for long periods of watering.


Product Spotlight: Junior Fire Nozzle with Top Lever Flow Control


From light water mist to agricultural spray needs, this ergonomic design is crafted for efficiency and comfort. It features a twist control to regulate water flow and a "no-squeeze" power lever ideal for extended watering periods.


5. Built-in Dispensers


There are also garden spray nozzles with built-in dispensers for specific tasks. Dispensers attached to a garden hose nozzle can be used to spray fruit trees with fungicide or fertilizer or dispense soap to clean high windows or outdoor areas.


A dispenser is also designed to automatically dilute solutions while spraying.


Product Spotlight: Zinc Soap Nozzle with Top Lever Flow Control


This design offers 9 watering patterns and a dispenser that holds eight minutes' worth of detergent or product.


6. Made For Outdoor Cleaning Tasks


For maximized jet spray, a firehose-style nozzle is the most effective for creating a strong and focused stream of water. This type of nozzle is usually metal and does not have a pistol grip—so the flow of water is expertly controlled. While the spray patterns are not distinct, they will provide the strongest jet spray.


These types of nozzles are best suited for cleaning tasks around the house like power-washing decks and walkways or removing dirt and debris.


Product Spotlight: 5" Adjustable Hose Nozzle


Best for high-pressure water needs, this solid brass nozzle provides a strong jet stream and is adjusted with a twist control. 

Find the Best Garden Hose Spray Nozzle

Garden spray nozzles are key tools for effectively and efficiently completing outdoor projects. Just like you have to choose the correct screwdriver for a job, the best garden nozzle will allow for the ideal pressure, spray patterns, and comfort for long-term use.


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Visit our website to browse all of our general and specialty nozzles just in time for upcoming planting and growing seasons.

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