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Welcome to 2022!!!

As the coming of 2022, all the people around the world are celebrating this special moment at their time zone. People will parade, set fireworks, drink beers …etc.


However, today we are going to introduce three interesting New Year celebration traditions in different countries.



People in Denmark hope to find smashed plates after midnight, as it means good luck. So, if you were celebrating New Year in Denmark, you might go and smash a plate on a friend's doorstep to bring him/her good luck over the next 12 months.



In Italy, “out with the old” can be taken literally when New Year’s rolls around. Italian will customary to throw their old things (such as furniture) out of the window at midnight. They believe it brings them new start in the whole New Year.

So, watch out if you will be celebrating out on the streets in Italy because you may be hit by someone’s old cushion or blanket.



You might see some people in Colombia on New Year's Eve walking around with an empty suitcase. Actually this is their way to ensure a year full of adventures ahead. As the faster you go, the more you travel.


Since the COVID-19 is still restricting us from traveling, I am about to grab a empty suitcase to walk all around and hoping this pandemic will soon come to an end in 2022.

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