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The Top Automotive Specialty Tools for 2022


If you're a professional mechanic, automotive tool seller, or just love working on cars, you need to have an assortment of tools in your arsenal to complete pertinent tasks. Odds are, you already have the big tools.


However, you're likely missing out on several automotive specialty tools. Sure, you could just utilize automotive specialty tool rental. However, generally speaking, it's wiser to buy.


That's where this article comes in. Below, we're going to discuss the top automotive specialty tools for sale on the market today, helping you fill out your ever-growing arsenal of equipment.


Let's go!

Orbital Sander

Whether sanding a vehicle before repainting it or just giving it a nice polish, you can benefit from an orbital sander. These small devices rotate in circles at exceedingly high speeds, thus allowing you to make quick work of all sanding and polishing tasks.


Orbital sanders are an integral part of any auto body repair shop. They're also highly recommended for auto detailers.


Are you looking to purchase an orbital sander currently? Check this one out.

Hand Seamer

Another tool you should consider adding to your arsenal is a hand seamer. Hand seamers are used to make manual seams in sheet metal. Not only can they precisely bend sheet metal but straighten and flatten it as well.


Hand seamers are used in a variety of different industries. For instance, HVAC specialists often use hand seamers to reshape duct components. However, in the realm of the automotive community, they're most typically used to reshape internal entities.


You likely won't use a hand seamer a great deal. That said, they’re almost entirely necessary for some tasks, with few other tools able to mimic their results. As such, you need hand seamers in your toolbox; consider purchasing a straight and offset model.

Tube Cutter

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to trim up metal tubes within an automobile. There are several ways to go about doing this. However, the simplest method is using one OEM automotive specialty tool: a tube cutter.


A tube cutter is a small device that clamps onto a tube. As it's tightened, it slices into the side of the tube, eventually severing the tube cleanly and smoothly.


There are all sorts of tube cutters available, from telescopic tube cutters to mini tube cutters to professional-grade tube cutters and more. Regardless, if you work on vehicles regularly, you should have one of these in your tool set.

Air-powered Tools

You should also consider purchasing air-powered tools. These are beneficial in that they enable you to work in extremely tight areas, particularly those found in the guts of an automobile. In many cases, conventional tools can’t operate in these areas.


Air-powered tools work with the use of air motors. You power these motors by pressing small buttons on the sides of the tools. In doing this, the tool will facilitate the desired action, allowing you to complete tasks rapidly.


There is a bevy of air tools available out there. These run the gamut from air drills to air ratchets to air grinders to air hammers… and more.

Impact Wrench

You often need to use an impact wrench to tighten and loosen components within a vehicle. Impact wrenches can turn screws, bolts, and fasteners at a rapid pace. They're also able to work in compact and tight areas.


These motorized tools send a quick jolt of energy to the fasteners they're putting on or taking off. To use them, you have to push down a button.


You can find these wrenches in various sizes and with several power capabilities. For instance, here's our 1/2" 450 ft-lbs impact wrench

Puller Set

When it comes to removing pulleys, bearings, and gears from a shaft, your best bet is to use a puller. A puller is specifically designed to remove these components and enable you to do so conveniently and quickly.


Pullers generally come in sets. This is because all shafts are different and require different-sized pullers to accommodate them.


There are all sorts of puller sets available on the market today. Assess your needs and consider adding an appropriate set to your tool arsenal.

Oil Filter Wrench

Sometimes, swapping out an oil filter is a straightforward process. In fact, in most cases, oil filters can be hand-tightened.


In other cases, however, it's difficult or even impossible to tighten an oil filter by hand. In these cases, it's best to use an oil filter wrench.


Oil filter wrenches can adjust to accommodate a variety of different-sized oil filters. Once they've been attached, they can be easily turned with the help of a ratchet.


These are particularly beneficial for working in small and tight areas, as they enable you to keep your hands away from the oil filter itself. Just use the wrench to grasp onto the filter, attach a ratchet to it, turn it a few degrees and pull. It's as simple as that.

Quick Action Tube Bender

We'll round out our list with the quick action tube bender. This device is designed to bend tubing quickly and efficiently. As such, it can help auto repair technicians to make short work of tube-related repair tasks.


It works as simply as squeezing a lever. You place your tube into a designated holder and then pull the lever down until the tube has been bent to your preferred angle. The tool is equipped with a degree marker, allowing you to find the exact bend angle easily.


If you ever work with tubing, this is a tool you need to have on your side. It could simplify your work processes substantially.

Looking to Purchase Automotive Specialty Tools Now?

Are you interested in purchasing any of the automotive specialty tools included above? If so, you're in the right place. Hand Tools International has you covered.


We have a wide variety of automotive specialty tools for sale, from air ratchets to hand seamers to tube cutters… and more. Check out our entire selection of automotive specialty tools now!

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