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Feng Shui (風水 Fēng Shuǐ)

In Chinese culture and business, feng shui (風水 Fēng Shuǐ) plays a very important part. Feng shui can help us gain benefits by manipulating surroundings to best auspicious positions so that Qi energy (氣) flows best.
Chinese believes that, not only does the direction of the furniture will influence the feng shui, the length of the furniture itself do as well.
Therefore, the feng shui measuring tape, so called the “carpenter’s ruler”, is a popular tool used by feng shui practitioners. It is used to determine the dimensions of tables, desks, cupboards, windows, doors and etc. to find out if they are auspicious or inauspicious for the users. By determining the auspicious dimensions with the measuring tape, one can in turn improve their good fortune luck.
Though some may consider it to be superstitious, but it’s also an interesting way while determine your furniture. So, why not take out your measuring tape, and discover the Feng Shui besides you!

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