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November 11th, so call the “Singles' Day” or “Double 11”, has been considered as the Chinese shopping holiday.

November has always been taken as off season, however, things changed when this new shopping holiday was first brought out by Alibaba’s CEO since 2009.
He first invited several different brands to have special sale or discount in 2009, but not much branded companies accept his offer. Even so, they still found the GMV has magnificently raised ten times more than usual. This had never happened before and has awaken the market since then.
More and more E-commerce business has joined this new holiday, and gradually brought the GMV to the new height each year.
In 2020, the GMV even reached almost five thousand billion!
What a big opportunity to make a fortune at this moment!
As customers, it’s also a good way to purchase goods with a bargain price as well.
Long story short, have you placed your Double 11’s order yet?
If not, you’d better do so now!

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