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Techniques for Improving Your Gardening Skills


Are you looking for some easy ways to improve your gardening skills? Then check out this detailed breakdown on how to use garden long-handle tools.


Whether you're planting a tree, digging holes for flowers, or moving piles of mulch, garden long-handle tools are often the best choice for the job. 


They're called long-handled garden tools because they have just that, a long handle. Unlike their short-handled counterparts, long-handled tools are perfect for doing all of that strenuous garden work without the pain and soreness. 


When should you use a long-handled gardening tool vs. a short-handled one? How do you pick out the best long-handled tools? And what's the most efficient way to use them?


Keep reading for an overview of seven quick long-handle tool tips to help you make the most out of your gardening equipment. 

1. Know Your Long-Handled Tools


The first step in becoming a pro in regards to long-handled garden tools is to understand what each different tool's purpose is and how to best use it. 


Long-handled shovels, hoes, and rakes are among the most common gardening tools.


A long-handled shovel is perfect for digging holes, lifting debris, and moving dirt from place to place. Hoes work well if you're getting rid of weeds or loosening soil, and a rake is excellent for gathering leaves or spreading mulch.


There are several other kinds of long-handled tools, but having an idea of which tool works best in different situations is a great place to start.


2. Opt for Lightweight Long-Handle Tools


Typically, the bigger your garden tool, the more it's going to weigh. And the more the tool weighs, the more difficult it will be to use.


Luckily, the makers of long-handle tools know how important it is for the tool to be lightweight. So while short-handled tools tend to be heavier, it's easy to find a light long-handled garden tool that works well. 


By picking out a long-handle garden tool that's as lightweight as possible, you'll help keep your back from aching and your body from getting too tired too quickly as you work with the tool.


3. Prioritize Comfort


Using garden hand tools involves lots of repetitive movements, so making sure your tool is comfortable to use is essential.


Test out the garden tool in your hands, and even try going through the motions several times to see if it feels okay in your hands. Once you've found a version that you believe you could use over and over again without it causing pain or discomfort, you've found the right one for you. 


The grip is one of the most critical aspects of extra long-handled garden tools. If you find yourself wishing the grip was better on your tool, try wrapping something like fabric or twine around the handle, so it's easier to hold on to it.


4. Pay Attention to Your Posture


Long-handled garden tools are known for saving your back many aches and pains. But if you don't use your tool the right way, it can lead to those aches and pains anyway.


When using a long-handled tool, stand straight up and avoid hunching over. If you're picking something up with the tool (like using a long-handle shovel to move dirt), bend your knees and use your legs to do most of the lifting, still always keeping your back straight.


The purpose of long-handle tools is to make more intensive gardening tasks more manageable. If using these tools is causing you pain, it's likely because you're not paying proper attention to your posture.


5. Wear Gloves


If you're using a long-handled gardening tool, you're likely doing some heavy-duty work. 


To make gardening more accessible and protect your hands from blisters, cuts, and abrasions, pick out a pair of comfortable gardening gloves. There are tons of different kinds of gloves made just for gardening, but make sure you choose a pair that's thick enough to protect your hands. Leather is a great, durable option.


Try the gloves on to make sure they fit and are comfortable, flexing your hands a few times to test them out. Also, make sure the gloves go past your wrists for maximum protection. 


Putting on a pair of gloves each time you use a long-handled gardening tool will make gardening easier and more enjoyable. 


6. Choose the Right Garden Tool for the Job


So how do you know if a job calls for a long-handled tool instead of a short-handled one?


According to the professionals, there are very few things that a long-handle tool isn't good for. They provide more power and leverage, making your gardening work go much faster. But this extra power and leverage often mean a bit more arm work, too.


There are times when a short-handled garden tool might be a better fit. For example, if you're trying to dig in a small space, a shovel with a short handle is your best option.


If you're short in height, long-handle tools might not be the right choice for every task. In this case, tools with short handles will be easier to use and require less effort.

Now you know how to pick out garden long-handle tools, as well as how to use them. But how do you maintain them, so they're sharp and rust-free?


7. Keep Your Tools Clean


A great way to store your tools to keep them clean is to place the metal in a bucket of dry sand with the handle facing the ceiling. Keeping the tools in the sand will keep rust from forming. Choose a clean place for the sand bucket and ensure the area stays dry. 


If your long-handled tools do have rust or dirt on them, use a barbecue brush to remove it. Maintaining your tools and keeping them stored in the right place might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it will help them last longer, so you get the most use out of them. 


Buy Garden Long-Handle Tools from the Best


If you're going to invest in garden tools, you want them to last. 


At Hand Tools International, we have all the high-quality garden long-handle tools you need, along with many other tools just right for your next project. We're one of the leading distributors in the hand tools field and take great pride in providing the best to our customers.


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