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Hacks for Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is an inevitable gadget to many family, however, there’s some small little tips that rarely known by people.
Today, we are going to introduce 4 tricks that might come in handy when the next time you use a measuring tape.
First, you might notice that the hook of your measuring tape moves, it’s actually designed to be loose. It goes in while you push you against something and comes out if hooked. So that when you are measuring a table, you can easily hook it on one side of the edges.
Second, let’s take a closer look at the hook. You might found there’s a hole on it. Is it for decoration? Absolutely not! It was designed for you to latch onto screws or nails! What’s more, when you latch it on the screw or nail, by taping a pen or pencil on another side of the case, you may even use it to draw circles! Mind-blowing right! 
Third, the edge on the hook is helpful as well. You may use it to make simple marks on the wood.
Last but not the least, do you know casing is also a part of its own measuring tool?
Turn to the back of your measuring tape, you may find a small figures printed on top that tells you how long the casing is. In that case, when you are measuring somewhere with narrow and limited space, you no longer have to curl your measuring tape any more.
Take a closer look at your measuring tape, you may find it even more useful and humanity than you think!

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