Hacks for Measuring Tape

4 Handy Tricks for Using Your Measuring Tape

Understanding the Movable Hook

Did you know that the hook of your measuring tape is designed to move? It's intentionally loose, retracting when you push against something and extending when hooked onto an edge. This feature makes it easy to measure tables and other surfaces.

Utilizing the Hook Hole

Take a closer look at the hook of your measuring tape. Notice the small hole? It's not just for decoration! You can use it to latch onto screws or nails. Additionally, by attaching a pen or pencil to the opposite side of the case, you can even use it to draw circles!

Utilizing the Hook Edge

The edge of the hook on your measuring tape can also be useful. You can use it to make simple marks on wood or other materials.

Exploring the Casing

Did you know that the casing of your measuring tape can serve as a measuring tool itself? Look for small figures printed on the back of the tape, indicating the length of the casing. This feature can be particularly helpful in narrow or confined spaces, eliminating the need to curl the tape measure.

Take a closer look at your measuring tape and discover its hidden functionalities!