Tools Hack in Daily Life

Handy Tips and Tricks for Daily Tool Use

Rusty Tools

The simplest way is to grab out your coke and give your rusty tools a nice good bath for 24 hours. This works very well since Coca-Cola is loaded with phosphoric acid. This acid is capable of dissolving iron and iron oxide, or rust. And never forget to apply oil or WD-40 on those tools to help keep them from rusting again.

Hiding Bolt Head

From time to time you may find yourself drilling the screws to a flat surface and ends up with a budge screw head pop out. To avoid this kind of non-attractive situation, just simply insert your screw upside down to your drill chuck. Then drill the head of the screw about 3-5mm deep or as deep as you want to the surface. A simple but perfect hiding hole for your screw is done!

Unscrew a Bolt without a Wrench

While unscrewing your bolt, you found that you do not have a wrench with you? That’s totally fine! Just take out another bolt and nut, and then have them cling to the width of the bolt’s head that you’d like to unscrew. And a simple turns will easily loosen the bolt for sure.

Share these tips with your friends and family! Who knows, maybe it will come in handy someday.