Swiss Army Knife

The History of the Swiss Army Knife

When it comes to multi-functional tools, “the Swiss Army Knife” is definitely the one that should be brought up. But do you know the history of this essential home tool? Today, let us found out more about this lovely tool.

The official and first Swiss Army knife comes out not until the 1880s with a simple and practical intention: the Swiss Army decided to purchase a simple folding pocket knife for their soldiers.

Interestingly, the initial purpose of the Swiss Army Knife’s invention was just for the army to open canned food, then tools such as screwdrivers were later added to help the army disassemble rifles. As time goes by, more and more different types of “Swiss Army Knife” then appear.

There are all kinds of different tools been added to the Swiss Army Knife in today's society, such as clocks, LED flashlights, lighters, etc. And the size has been minimized to meet people’s needs as well. For example, VICTORINOX even invented a Swiss Army Knife with a size just like a name card! So that it’s easier for people to put in their wallet or pocket.

No matter what kind of outdoor activities you are about to experience, there must be a special Swiss Army Knife for you to bring along.