hand tools of wooden plane

Explore Rare and Valuable Wooden Planes

Today we are about to introduce 3 worthy hand tools of wooden plane that might just blow your mind. Sit back and get ready for these valuable tools!

Nicholson Molding Plane

Nicholson Molding Plane was created by Francis Nicholson, a plane manufacturer who lived from 1683-1753. He documented as the first plane manufacturer and printed his name on all the tools he created. One of the wooden planes he designed and built was sold for USD$ 5140 at an auction.

Tidey Patent Beveling Plane

Milton B. Tidey crafted an elaborate beveling plane that stuns all the collectors because of its complex and exquisite design. This marvelous work of art was sold for $8,970 at auction.

Norris Jointer Plane

Thomas Norris, another renowned plane maker, excelled at crafting delicate planes in England. Due to his preference for working with precise and exotic woods, only a few of his planes survived through World War 2. These remaining planes have become valuable for their rarity and utilitarian value, with one of them fetching $12,250 at auction.

If you happen to own an antique wooden plane, consider bringing it to an auction! It might be worth a fortune beyond your imagination!

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